How to Start Planning Your

Wonderful 2021 or 2022 Wedding During These Uncertain Times

You are newly engaged!  Congratulations!  Perhaps you have already set a wedding date but now you find yourself social distancing, staying home, and anxiously trying to make decisions about when, where, and how to start planning your wedding as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

To say these are uncertain times is the understatement of a lifetime. However, remember, you have a lifetime ahead of you, and God willing, you will get to spend it with your newly betrothed. That is truly something to celebrate!

Winridge Manor passionately believes that when we are all finally on the other side of this pandemic, there will be no more meaningful experience than attending a wedding celebration. Our advice?  Start planning! How?  Here are our wedding planning tips….


If you have not picked your date already, it is time to determine when you would like to be married. And then you also need to select a few alternative dates. Now more than ever, flexibility is critical. Even if you are planning to have an intimate celebration of less than 50 people, since many 2020 weddings have been postponed until 2021, you may very well confront a shortage of available Saturdays in 2021. In many wedding markets, Saturday venue availability can be hard to come by under normal circumstances. That said, take a deep breath, and remind yourself of the following:

·         The day of the week that you chose to marry does not change the value, purpose, or meaning of your marriage, or of the way that you celebrate that marriage.

·         When we all emerge from our current reality, the world will be forever changed.  Like you, your guests will also be craving times to engage in meaningful social celebration. If they can make it happen, they will be there to celebrate you… on a Friday, a Sunday, or maybe even on a Thursday.


Getting your date secured is of primary importance because you will need that date to send out your “Save The Date” cards and inform your wedding guests, arrange for a Pastor, hire a photographer, etc.  It is the foundation of all other wedding planning.


STEP 2: Consider Hiring a WEDDING PLANNER

This is the step that many couples will skip.  Fortunately, Winridge Manor includes a Full-Service Event Coordinator with all our packages!  We realize that it is ESPECIALLY important to have an Event Coordinator for your wedding.  Perhaps you are a natural born planner and take joy in creating lavish events.  That is a wonderful gift under most circumstances.  However, it is highly recommended that you do NOT plan your own wedding!  Why? Your focus should be 100% on preparing for your marriage.  Spend quality time with your fiancée and leave the wedding planning to someone else who can pamper you through the process.

 At Winridge Manor, our primary goal is to create a completely stress-free EXPERIENCE throughout the entire process for every couple, their families, and their guests.  We want our couples to focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime while we focus on the details.  If the venue you have booked does not offer this service, start researching your options.  You are going to want to find someone who has excellent references and reviews.  Most importantly, you will want to hire someone who meshes well with your personality and who understands your vision for your wedding.

Let us be frank – Many couples feel that it is a “luxury” to hire a wedding planner.  We agree.  In fact, we feel that having any type of special celebration is a luxury in and of itself.  It is also a luxury to hire a photographer, caterer, band, hair and makeup artist… and the list goes on. That said, have you ever heard the saying “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”? Well, it is time to take that saying to heart.

There are ample reasons to hire a full-service wedding planner.  Many couples still tend to think that the primary reasons to do so are so that the wedding will be “organized”, “beautiful”, or “stress-free”. While those reasons are worthwhile, it is also easy to see why most people choose to go it alone, isn’t it? After all, how hard can it be to be organized, choose beautiful things, or keep the stress level low? Why spend “extra money” when you can handle things on your own? Sadly, that is faulty thinking – Especially during these uncertain times.

Since faced with the pandemic, we have seen a steep rise in the number of couples reaching out to us – and to our other industry colleagues – frantically seeking advice. Many couples have been forced to navigate uncharted territory of decision-making, contingency-planning, rescheduling, contract negotiations, cancellations, and extreme anxiety on their own.

The bottom line is this: All of the couples who have hired a full-service wedding planner have found themselves in a much better position. Their rescheduling process has been smoother, more efficient, and grounded in expertise. Couples who do not have a planner have had to fend for themselves – or they have had to scramble to find someone to hire who can help them navigate these unchartered waters. .I  know this to be true: the process of planning and executing your wedding celebration will be made significantly more joyful if you retain a professional, experienced wedding planning team to bring your hopes, dreams, and priorities to life.




Happy Planning!  May you have a WONDERFUL WEDDING and a MARVELOUS MARRIAGE!


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