Your wedding day is quickly approaching and you’re floating on Cloud 9. You have finally met the person of your dreams and you have been excitedly planning your wedding, right down to the smallest of details.  Winridge Manor, a Wedding and Event Venue in Virginia, meets with hundreds of couples in this exact position over the course of a year.  During their Venue Tour we always ask them the following question –  “Have you really considered the MOST important detail for your special day?”  (Other than, of course, have you made sure that you have picked the right person to marry? !)  Each couple asks us what important detail we are referring to.  Our answer – “Who you have chosen as your Photographer?”

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Why is this such an important question?   As you know, a wedding is always a captivating celebration of two people being united in love.   Most brides have spent hours, days, weeks and even years debating a multitude of questions – Where should their ceremony be hosted?  What style of wedding dress should they wear?  Who will they invite to be a part of their Bridal Party?  How do they want their reception tables to be decorated?  The list goes on and on .  However, here is the key point –  After all the planning is completed, truth be told, even if every single detail of their day flows perfectly, their dream wedding will come and go in the blink of an eye.  Only two things will remain long after their guests have departed.  The most important of these is, of course, a magnificent marriage that will, hopefully, blossom into a forever family.  The second remaining item is their treasure trove of wedding photos.  These photos will forever capture every detail of their wedding day – Precious moments that can never be recreated.  This is why hiring the right wedding photographer is absolutely crucial. 


How should a couple begin to tackle the daunting job of hiring a photographer and what qualities should they be looking for?   Firstly, we always encourage couples to meet with several photographers in person before making the decision to hire one.  Finding a personable photographer is vital!  Couples should only hire someone that they truly feel comfortable with.   After all, throughout the day, a wedding photographer’s job is to be “up close and personal” in order to get the best shots. If there are personality clashes, it will definitely create a strain and it will end up effecting the quality of the photos.

There is, of course, always the issue of money.  How much should a couple plan to spend on a photographer?  Our advice – Do NOT skimp in this area.  Always plan to put your time and your money into cultivating those things that will last – Your relationship and your photos!  If you want to wear a Vera Wang dress on your wedding day and you want to serve filet minion, go for it!  However, we can guarantee that if you decide to invest in your photography you will be enjoying those photos fifty years from now! (By then, many of your guests may not remember your name, much less what you wore or served at your wedding!) 

What else should couples consider before hiring?  After meeting with the photographer, the next step is to do some research.  Couples should ask to see a wide variety of the work that the photographer has done for other weddings and they should ask themselves the following questions.  After meeting with the photographer, did they feel that the photographer exuded a true love and passion for their craft?  Is the photographer’s style and product impressive?  Does their work show creativity?  Do they seem to be tech savvy PHOTO BY CATTURA TEMPO PHOTOGRAPHY (AMANDA HARVELL) 

 and prepared for contingency plans? Do they utilize a second shooter?  Finally, do they have an array of glowing reviews?  If the answers are all  “Yes”, then. like falling in love, everything should just naturally fall into place.


Fortunately, Winridge Manor couples have a GREAT advantage over other couples when it comes to having to hire a photographer!  We have already done all the leg work and research for them!  One Wedding Package that Winridge offers is called our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. This package includes the services of our AMAZING  photographer, Amanda Harvell of Cattura Tempo Photography.  

We are thrilled to offer our Winridge couples Amanda’s services – He steadfast dedication, genuine love for people and God-given talent has won her numerous awards and accolades.  Our couples love her and we can guarantee that she will exceed your expectations!

 Amanda wears many hats – She is a devoted wife ( to our Preferred Wedding DJ, Ricky Harvell!❤️), she is a loving mother to three energetic boys, and she is a phenomenal wedding photographer for our Winridge Manor couples. ( Hence, her many recent Photography awards !) Please take a moment to virtually “meet” her and show her some love by visiting and liking her Cattura Tempo Photography Face Book Page.

While there, please check out some of her work and the reviews our couples have left. You will find that each couple greatly appreciates the fact that Amanda goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable, important and loved. And yes, with Amanda’s warm personality, couples can count on having lots of laughter interspersed throughout their special day! To sum it all – Amanda is our Super Star and she is greatly loved by all!


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